Research cluster on the Social Development of Young People


PhD defense Chaim La Roi: Stigma and Stress : Attitudes towards Sexual Minority Orientations and the Association between Sexual Orientation and Mental Health.  January 10.



  • ISSBD 2018, July 15-19, Gold Coast, Queensland
    Bullying as a Group Process: Avenues for Future Research
    Organizer: René Veenstra
    Speakers: René Veenstra, Hannes Letsch, Kimberley R. Allison, Jochem Spaans
  • ISSBD 2018, July 16, Gold Coast, Queensland
    The Prevalence of Bullying Victimisation and its Impact on Mental Health Outcomes in Australian School Children
    Organizer: Sally Fitzpatrick
    Speakers: Kay Bussey, Caroline Hunt, Sally Fitzpatrick
    Discussant: René Veenstra


Gerine Lodder and Laura Baams have both received a VENI grant within the framework of NWO’s Innovational Research Incentives Scheme. VENI grants are intended for researchers who have recently gained a PhD and have significant and original talent for innovative research. The grant is up to € 250,000 and offers these young researchers the chance to develop their ideas over the next three years.

Gerine Lodder: The Proximity Project: Loneliness in Adolescence Explained by Social Relations and Social Appraisals

Loneliness in adolescence has detrimental consequences. The Proximity Project will examine what drives the development of loneliness. The focus is on daily contact, friendships, and perceptions of social relations. This will be examined using wearables that measure contact, using smartphone questionnaires, and by analyzing friendship networks.

Laura Baams: Not straight? Sexual orientation disparities in macro and micro-processes of youth victimization and mental health

Lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) youth report poorer mental health (depression, suicidality) and are victimized more often than heterosexual youth. How can this be explained? Using survey- and daily-diary studies, I will research sexual orientation disparities, critical mechanisms, and whether a positive school climate can help improve mental health.